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Forty Plus Training Summit,, and are trade names of Aging-In Conferences Inc., a Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporation co-founded by a former federal Member of Parliament and member of the House Finance Committee-- and two veteran lawyers whose public law and private law practices have centered around education and the vocational training sector. While our former founding MP has departed to spearhead a new initiative, in 2019 we have sought to broaden our mandate. 

Forty Plus Training will remain dedicated to providing high quality seminars and online content for individuals who face the formidable challenges of a non-static, tech forward, and ever changing marketplace and workplace. We seek to educate and collaborate with organizations that must understand and exploit the talents of an aging demographic. Age is wisdom, but only where skills are current and relevant. We seek to collaborate with training institutions to understand how to retrain and re-skill this demographic. We hope that municipal, provincial and federal governments will sit up and take notice of our content and our community based and proprietary content. Governments at all levels face the enormous pressure of having to shape policies to see the future labour market demand.


It is an undeniable fact that Canada's workforce is aging. Medical advances have increased the lifespan of Canadians, and this issue is not specific to Canada. However, with increased longevity there are many new challenges ahead.  The most obvious challenge is the ongoing provision of health care to an aging population, not to mention the upside down financial pyramid created by the need to support the country's citizens for much longer than ever before. We will have to rethink and reconstruct products and services to accommodate an older generation of workers. We will have to ensure that individuals who were trained into "yesterday's" workforce can be prepared for mid-life career shifts-- with dignity and skills in hand. 

We are so proud to have had Canada's oldest living former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John N. Turner, as our keynote speaker to our inaugural event at the historic Heintzman House in Thornhill Canada on December 7, 2017. Mr. Turner emphatically noted the critical importance to Canada of age and workforce demographics. 

We also hosted Schulich Executive Education Centre Professor Alan C. Middleton, a former Member of Parliament, the most senior Human Resources employee for the Ontario Securities Commission, and many other notables.  

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We will host online and in person sessions commencing in Q1 2019. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements. 

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December 7, 2017 at historic Heintzman House

Our inaugural event held December 7, 2017 event with the former Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Hon. John N. Turner, was a huge success. Click on our gallery pages. Please contact us directly at should you be interested in accessing any of the content from that event. 

Summary of Speakers and Moderators

Right Honorable John N. Turner. Canada's oldest living Prime Minister and former Oxford University Rhodes Scholar talked about the importance of understanding demographic trends. Mr. Turner, who was also head of the International Monetary Fund at one time, has provided us with some solid affirmation about the importance of our work. In front of a packed audience, he urged Forty Plus Training Summit to keep doing what it is doing. Thank you Mr. Turner! Forty Plus Training Summit is energized and we will most certainly keep at it!

Professor Alan C. Middleton is a marketing professor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre. He holds an MBA, ph.D, and a BSC. His session highlighting how the corporate world views these age demographic issues was as interactive as it was provocative. 

Lisa Wilkins is a seasoned executive, with an MBA and over 25 years of experience in Organization Development and Human Resources Management. As the Chief Human Resources Officer and Director of Corporate Services at the Ontario Securities Commission, she was well positioned to expound the virtues of having older, more experienced professionals as part of the team at one of Canada's largest regulatory agencies. 

Harris Rosen is a co-founder of and Forty Plus Training Summit. He is also Principal of Harris Rosen Professional Corporation (, and headed up the Education Law Practice of a large Canadian law firm for many years-- with a focus on higher education and vocational training. Harris talked about the challenges and opportunities presented by the need to re-skill and re-train Canada's aging workforce. He insisted that career training institutions should play a vital role in this process. How does "yesterday's" employee at Sears and Target (among other "big box" stores in Canada that have experienced financial difficulties) re-train to become relevant at the likes of Amazon and 

Alan Wolfish Q.C. Alan Wolfish Q.C. spent more than twenty-five years as a Legal Director within the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. In 2003 he entered the private practice of law as Education Law Counsel to a large Canadian law firm. He is a co-founder of and Forty Plus Training Summit. As moderator of various sessions Alan prompted speakers to focus on the dire need for coping with skills gaps created by fast-changing technology and an aging work force. 

Deborah Thompson is an esteemed published author and public relations expert. She has been working closely with since its inception. She moderated a fascinating panel with Lisa Wilkins and Challenge Factory's ( Lisa Taylor. 

Mark Adler was a federal Member of Parliament and sat on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Finance Committee from 2011 to 2015. Mark is a co-founder of and has gone on to pursue other initiatives following the December 7, 2017 conference. He gave an international overview of an aging workforce, comparing both high wealth OECD countries and third world countries. Age demographics sometimes played in favour of nations which are currently impoverished. Their youthful workforce offers some promise while Canada must seek too replenish a more youthful workforce and utilize an aging workforce which is living longer owing to scientific and medical advances. 

Lisa Taylor of the Challenge Factory (  presented her paradigm on the five "future of work" drivers, with specific reference not only to age demographics, but technology and other variables.  The focus on her paradigm appears to be the need to the need to be nimble because work, skills, and the workforce, are anything but static. 

Marc Kealey is a veteran registered lobbyist and Founder of Kealey & Associates. ( ). Mark had the pleasure of serving under the Right Honorable John Turner. He gave a prophetic analysis of what might happen in the June 2018 election, but also talked at length about why any new provincial government should pay attention to age demographics and the workforce.  

Adam Fisher is a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Trustee In Bankruptcy with Harris and Partners Inc. At the risk of sombering the mood with any discussion of personal insolvency, we asked Adam to speak at our inaugural Forty Plus Training Summit and address some of the back-end problems that he sees. He delivered a very sobering but honest presentation to the group, noting how traumatic it can be for someone in their 40's and 50's and beyond to suddenly be without the income they had in their previous professional life. He gave some very concrete suggestions as to how individuals, government, and industry can collaborate to mitigate this risk.

Testimonials from 2017 Conference

"As someone who has run one of Canada's largest private career colleges with campuses across the country, and as a female business professional, I found this session to be remarkably informative. This session highlighted a very serious challenge that most Canadians do not even seem to be aware of. An aging workforce carries with it significant challenges, but women have an unprecedented opportunity to take the lead in meeting and accommodating such changes". Thank you

COURTNEY A. MUIR, Marvel Beauty Schools

"This was a first class event. Putting aside the fact that a former Prime Minister was the keynote speaker and captivated his audience, the sheer breadth of speakers who knew what they were talking about was mind boggling."

DEBORAH THOMPSON, Public Relations and Media Expert and Event Moderator

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